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Bridal Shower
                                         Bridal Shower Games

Bridal shower games are a great way help break the ice amongst guests

who may not know each other.
A good bridal shower game also helps guests have a good time since a decent
part of the shower will be dedicated to opening presents.

If you're looking for free bridal shower games, this one is perfect. It's an excellent

game for a shower because it will keep guests interested and engaged in an activity,
it will allow guests to interact with each other, and it doens't require that much effort
n the part of the person coordinating it (it can easily be coordinated by one of the

Here's what to do...

1. Gather a bunch of interested and unusual facts about the bride and groom.

2. Create a "scorecard" that lists 20 facts about the bride and groom.

Next to each statement, include columns
with both their names. It will look something like this:
1. Had perfect high school attendence:  
 Bride's Name  Groom's Name       
2. Broke their arm riding a bike:             
   Bride's Name  Groom's Name        
3. Loves everything 80s                         
    Bride's Name  Groom's Name       
                                      And so on... (Kind of like Scattergories!)

3. Print scorecards for everyone at the shower and leave them on the table

with some pencils or crayons.
When the time comes explain how it works...Basically, guests need to check
the name of the person they think the fact is about. In some cases, the fact
might be true for both the bride and groom. The person with the most points
at the end wins a prize.

Guests will love this bridal shower game idea because it's a great way to get to

know the couple a little bit more! It will also give guest the opportunity to chat with
other guests about what they think the right answers are.

Source:  http://www.punchbowl.com/party-ideas/bridal-shower